Wow! here we are again.


Where can we start? Perhaps from the news that we are back in Europe and we are back since last Summer. It does not seem long but for us it seems that we have been back for donkey’s years. As you probably figured it out for yourself that it wasn’t me  that kept writing my blog it was  Mum. Anyhow, recently we received some wise comments , pointing out wisely that I am too big a boy now to let Mummy write on my behalf. We were thinking about it and thought that perhaps  I should be taking over on my own with some comic writing., but we will see.

                                                 Yes , I go to the new school , new friends, new activities and obviously i have a new hamster and her name is Missy. She is super cute.

Leo and Lydia also have a pet. It’s a rescue dog from Romania. His name is Ash and he is truly so well behaved and a lovely and very friendly dog. I used to be afraid of him at first but  Ash only showed his kindness to me by coming closer and licking me in the most kind and friendly approach to make me feel safe around him. I also would like to have a dog but I do not want more responsibilities.  Being back in Europe somehow brought many more responsibilities on myself. I am not so sure if I like it so much and the responsibilities seem to grow bigger on a daily basis. My first responsibility is the huge homework that I have every day plus rehearsing violin, sight music reading for my approaching exam plus every day I have  to do  the 11 + test  with a view to pass my 11 + exam with the highest possible result to be able to try to get to the best school.

Well! this is what I have been told. I also have  Polish  school on the internet to follow and I also have my room to keep clean and tidy and on top of all of it is that I would like sometimes to watch TV or play a computer game but I can only hear – ‘no time’. I am allowed on the weekend to do so if it happens we didn’t go anywhere.


I must say I quite enjoy going for our weekend break to  France.  It’s fun and different  I can practice my very limited knowledge of French but its getting better. They all speak French only and sometimes we have to be trying hard to be understood but still its big fun there.

We also took a big journey  driving from here to Poland for Christmas. It was a big drive but fun as we were stopping at nice places in Germany and on the way back we visited our friends in Holland  for the New Year celebration. It was truly big fun.  On New Year eve we experienced the most unusual fireworks explosion that we could not imagine or ever seen before. Dutch people apparently love to do big bang explosions just on the street outside their front doors. It was rather  looking more like a  battle field than a New Year celebration but still you need to see it  for yourselves to believe it.

We went to the floating Chinese restaurant in Amsterdam  It was super large and very Chinese but it wasn’t floating at all. Well, who cares- the view over Amsterdam was truly amazing.

The Hague had very convenient tram system that was fun and the seaside and town centre was very elegant in my Mum s opinion.

My friend Robbie happened to be interested in Pokemon cards and Lego so we had a lot to do. I am looking forward to seeing him in Summer when they come to us.

I  play  tennis, cardio tennis and table tennis and swim at our health club  during my free free time. That is  fun but very  often i need to do my homework there too, to make sure that we manage to do all we need to.

Reassuring,  I must say,  that I do not have much time right now to get bored but Easter break is coming shortly and I am looking forward to it.

See you again with my comic book posts. Hopefully soon.img_6628Its me somewhere there> Can you spot me?in the O2 . We were the biggest choir in the whole wide world. 8000 London school kids. It was super amazing.

Wrapped but not for long.

Christmas Eve

I was checking if Stuart my hamster starts talking at Christmas Eve as it is a magical night and he did , he asked for a red 🍇 grape.

When I was small I used to enjoy pushing drops of liquid from the dispenser and guess what!  I have just discovered that I equally enjoy pushing the drop down from the  dispenser even at  my mature age,  which is 9 years old.

Christmas Eve

My big splendid birthday party is long behind  us as it is Christmas now and therefore all my predicted and requested presents, for this year ,were distributed,  enjoyed  and some of them forgotten

<My splendid Birthday Party<

We had an unplanned  but very effective visit to England . We all got into a Christmassy mood and enjoyed time with our family Auntie Astra and Maja  who now is residing with Dan  at her new home. We were all in the Christmas

Mood. Due to< going for a meal and hot chocolate with massive cream on top combined with  the fragrance of malt wine,vanilla ice cream and fresh Christmas trees.

Mummy with her Nephew and Nieces 🎄🎄🎄 . One day we needed

to take Leo earlier from his school a former mansion house where the writer Mary Norton place an action of her book The Borrowers. Suddenly I felt very proud of my school which is  45 year old, very old indeed and told the lady working in Leo’s school that my school is one of the best schools in the world and told her that we have six gardeners in contrast to only  the two gardeners that  are maintaining the  big garden in Leo’s school.

She was very impressed and asked  what  school it is and I proudly responded that it is BSM she politely said, ‘I see’, but Mum was sure she did not get it.

One foggy morning we decided to take a long walk by the canal in the countryside. It was truly cold and windy but at the end of the walk  I and Leo were welcomed with one more lovely hot  chocolate  in the old pub. We got warmer by sitting by the open fire đŸ”„ place and  got ready for facing the cold weather again on the way back.

When it was  time to leave cold  England đŸŽó §ó ąó „ó źó §ó ż I wasn’t so sad because I had enough to deal with keeping  on my hat, my scarf and my goalkeepers gloves đŸ§€ that I insisted on but which  in fact did not  kept my hands warm at all.

But I was sad that I needed to give a big hug to all and  go far away from them again.

Now  I am having my half term break and enjoy staying at home. For a special Christmas Eve celebration Mummy invited Abdullah and Salomon with their parents and that was fun- opening presents with them as we did with a very big rush  immediately  after  finishing   eating our fishy supper.

There is a new trampoline  I like to jump on in one area of our village park and I met nice new friends there so I do not feel that I would like to go anywhere to have fun but no doubt Mummy will drag me  somewhere  soon to provide fun for me because in her opinion I am deprived of playtime because of watching tv đŸ“ș and in comparison playing with my friends it’s apparently  not good  fun for me. How wrong she can be ? How very wrong .

We are the champions finishing a Spartan Race with medals

I am a Maestro of violin đŸŽ» I am just taking and passing my first exam

Tell me a story but make sure Batman is in it.

Hello again. Well, long  long time since my last entry. Anyhow here it is. So we are back and busy as usual. Now we are preparing for Halloween spooky night and costume disco. I truly hope that my Vampire costume i have been wearing for the last 2 years is still OK as it is not an easy task to buy anything suitable here, believe me. We could order on Amazon , but Mummy forgot . No costume    orientented place we are living.


One can get  little princess dresses  here  easily for some reason  but unfortunatly i can’t wear them. Whenever we have a costume day like Egiptian day or a famous person day all girls are turning up as Quinn Victoria or any other Princess   but boys are met with a big deal of trouble to look like anybody famous  at the school   parade.

IMG_8180.jpgFirst of all my Birthday already happened and I received fantastic presents but still i think i could get more present such as I phone (that school does not allow) or nintendo player or whatever it is. Anyhow, I had a nice party on the day of my Birthday day and now I am truly getting ready for my big party  at Shangri-La. My party will occupay a   huge   trampoline ,  truly  huge Its  not only trampoline  but  all kind of fun stuff there, and after that we will play football or do art. i am looking forward to coming Saturday as it is a day of my big party.

We went  to a lovely weekend some time ago. I could ride my bike everywhere there and i used to tell people that my name is Isaac and then they called me Isaac and I found it strange as they couldn’t understand that it wasn’t my name and they believed whenI was actually joking. I obviously learn some lesson now when i think its not a matter  of big importance i write funny name. Yesterday when we were presented with a big paper to  give our name and tel no in Nando restaurant, the reason for that was that we  had a voucher for a quorter of chicken. I wrote my name and I called myself  J. Billionaire. the waitress thought that I have a nice name and it was   nice to feel like a billionair ( I felt for a short while that I could afford all Pokemon  cards   I want and the most expencive lego sets)

My Mum asked my fiends from my class, when she was running a guided reading with them. What would they do if they had billions to spend. One of my friend  said that she would give it all to the poor and she also would  buy beutifull dresses for her Grandma, so she would look very nice when it happened she attended any wedding. Perhaps she had her own wedding in mind , who knows but what a lovely thoughts  – Mummy said. Some other boy from my class said that he would buy one more tiolet to put in his house , as toilet in his house is always busy. Mummy suggested that perhaps  his family could move to the house that has more toilets. One other local girl said that if she had billion she would live with Sultan.


IMG_8036.jpgWe went to the opera House to see The Red Army Choir.Mummy said it was Magnifique concert.

We also visited a splendid Sifa it was hot  day .Daddy refused to walk and i was truly read on my face therefore Mummy reluctantly ordered us to drive back home.


We are having nice ice cream with Aida in Sifa


Splendid Sifa

last halfterm, that lasted just for one day, we went with Elena and Leon , their Mum who  was driving us around and  with  her friend Miriam to the Wadi It was fantastic trip for we were given a sweet on every occasion we spotted an animal. We also   were swimming in the  Sinkhole. There were small fishes biting us little and apparently peeling dead skin from feet It did not appeal to me at first but later i did not mind them at all. It was absolutely fantastic


What colour is your life?



few night ago Mummy went  to read me a bedtime story. We read very funny Winnie the Pooh but i  quickly decided that i would rateher   listen to Mum’s made up  stories. She tells super stories but to make them even better i asked her politely to put Batman in it.She put spiderman first but i corrected her as we need to have everything right when it comes to the bedtime stories, right?

Before Daddy left for Oman we went to London theatre and saw La Strada the super remarkable and memorable stage show. We were practically sitting on the stage ourselves


We went to the Model Village with Leo and Lydia and it was also fantastic to see little town and villagers life as mini mini and we between them as giants . Great 👍

We were giants here

I also met my friends from my first school in the Uk 🇬🇧 . It was fantastic to see Dylan, Daniel Thomas ,Alexander Harvey and small Joseph who is pretty big now. We had a big garden party with 2 big trampolines, swimming pool 🏊🏿 and many ,many different toys. Dylan truly has his personal playground at his own house. Harvey kept asking when I am coming back to school.Mum’s and mine explanations did not make things much clearer to him . Shame!

Yes, the fun was endless but then we left for Poland and our life style changed . First I did not have any friends but I created my own lego city and played a lot with it. We were going shopping and walks with Grandma . Sometimes we had so big shopping that Mummy was carting this on her shoulders and she asked me to carry some as we did not have any transport or let alone a luxury. car but it was fun and healthy and Mum was doing proper exercising by currying heavy shopping.

Auntie Astra completed her 10 km run and got a medal. We all were very proud of her

With Robbie and his Dad in Selfridges

Mum also kept saying that to be bored and not to have so many friends is shaping my personality. Perhaps she was right- I came slightly outside myself with bad temper and complaining but it probably was a part of shaping my personality.

Who is this individual?

Leo and Lydia came just for few days and we used every second to have fun together- truly every second but then they left and I was sad for a day but then agreed with the situation as I am very much accustomed to happy hello and

sad bye bye.

It was super Summer and Mum already edited the summer 2017 film of which she is very proud.

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Yes I was said after all that we were leaving Babcia and Poland đŸ‡”đŸ‡±

Grandma ordered tropical tea and it came with a very persistent spider that refused to leave her tea spoon.can you spot it?

I I was going slightly insane from repertory activities that included walk with Babcia to the supermarket then walking around for a while in the evening we had one more walk sometimes we stopped at the McDonal sometimes we stopped in the little restaurants in the park. I found some new friends in Babcia Blockofkat Casper and Philip I also played with a little lovely dog Musia she must be really missing me I miss her

I said to Mum that if I did not have Stewart my hamster I would be happy at Babcia a I would run with my new friend play with my lego that I created onto a lego city on the window seal as there wasn’t anywhere else I could do my creation

small part of my personal legoland I was

feeling sorry that we were walking to Galeria just a minute before Pawel our driver arrived and we did not do any shopping accept To I Owo Tv magazine for Babcia Mum still feels little said when she write this page.

We are dressing up Lydia is Leo and we are Lydia Yes 😋 That all Summer was long but now it seems that we have been back here for long time but we it was just over one week.

We stepped to our routine fast enough.after school We we’re going for wonderful swim and Beaty appreciation in the Hyatt hotel as we are fully members of the Health club now but this week we had to change our routine as we have Jason my neighbor to pick up everyday this week so we do different things and home work started to be pushing into fault routine but it’s not fully established yet .

Grandma dresses me as Nopoeon Here he is Napoleon

I t was fantastic to be back in the Uk 🇬🇧 we had a picturesquely cottage in the middle of picturesque farm with plenty Of cows ,horses, bunny rabbits happily bouncing around. There’s were electric fences to stop caws to trespass but that’s fences did not stop my friends Leo and myself to get between and run after caws. At some point Mum discovered that some of young calves were actually bolls and wormed us not to risk to annoy them.

I had so many parties or get together with Leo Lydia and my friends . Brandon and Hadrian live in Vietnam and they came to visit us from North England where they stay with Their Mum Andrea and Grandparents .

We went to the Bletchley Park were we were uncoded again Enigma cod.That was truly amazing outing. Truly 😉 amazing.

We went to central London and met Robbie whom I know from Dubai but now lives in Holland we met in Selfridges then we were wondering around lovely roads of Marylebone and then went to the Marylebone hotel to put a new lego we bought together then we were playing in the Regent Park that was also fantastic day out but we did not have any time to go and see Buckingham Palace

Big fun with Hadrian and Brandon at Bletchley Park


Well! That post was written some time ago , actually long time ago,seems. Like ages ago now.

Our cottage

Hi! We are in the most super adorable cottage ever. Mum was booking it in February instead of June therefore we landed in the best cottage.

Daddy was with us for a week and it was Great running around as it should be in Great Britain, I suppose.

First of all we had little bit of confusion at the airport. The driver came to pick us up and he said that our 3 small cabin cases weren’t noted in the booking and our 3 innocent cases were going to destroy  his 🚗 car. Daddy said it will all fit fine let’s us go. The driver said to him I might not take you at all with such attitude and from this moment on Mum knew that the driver is not s very good prospect and when he stated to call somebody Mummy and Daddy were sure that he is to be dismissed as we were not prepared to bow to the mighty driver . He said you must pay more and we said no thank you very much and you  are very dismissed and he happily left turning down 100 pounds.

< strong>Big Shopping <

we concluded people do not need to get money in the UK  everybody has plenty of 💰. We were standing at the arrivals for a while not exactly knowing how to proceed with our 3 big 3 small bags without transport. Anyhow Mummy remembered Hilton hotel  that is accessible from the airport by special secret passage. We were pushing our trolley forward and before getting to Hilton we passed Premier Inn. Daddy said to try it first and we could not believe how pleasant and helpful and humorous the staff there was. They truly wanted to please us for the money we pay to them. We were totally bemused by such a super contrasting  view on making money 💰.

We thought that the room would be too small to get a trolley in but it wasn’t. 3 beds 3 big 3 small cases and us . Perfection.

Next morning every waiter who was working at breakfast was giving us a card to write their names on the Trip Advisor with superlatives, obviously, because it wouldn’t be possible to write anything not good about them.

Maja came next morning and managed to get us all in :3 big and 3 small cases into her small car .She was kind enough not to complain about her car being likely to be destroyed. We considered ourselves truly 🍀 lucky.  She took us to our cottage and we were all very impressed with shortbread the landlady Phillipa prepared for us and milk in the fridge- an amazing beautiful view and huge fireplace. We straight away prepared a big pot of  tea and  had it with shortbread. Early afternoon tea.

Maja also took us to do massive food shopping then we went for dinner to the  splendid bar and restaurant nearby. We took a short cut via cows fields,had to climb the fences and considered ourselves lucky again that we were not attacked by the dog đŸ¶ which ran after us to let us know that we were wrong.

Leo and Lydia came to the pub and we had fantastic run and tree climbing followed by football ⚜ It was all great.